Key documents with EMBL regarding the establishment of the Associate Membership

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Letter from the Australian Minister for Education, Science and Training requesting the consideration of Australia's Associate Membership by the EMBL Council (pdf, 238kb)
Dated: 11 May 2007

Resolution by EMBL Council admitting Australia as an Associate Member (pdf, 12kb)
Dated: 04 July 2007

Principles of Australian Associate Membership of EMBL (pdf, 20kb)
Modified by EMBL Council 04 July 2007

Letter from EMBL Director General Prof Iain Mattaj confirming EMBL Associate Membership (pdf, 48kb)
Signed 11 July 2007

Instrument of Cooperation between the Australian Government and EMBL for Associate Membership (pdf, 755kb)
Signed: October 2007

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