AMSI Internships in Bioinformatics

AMSI Industry Internships are university and industry collaborations that connects business and other organisations to the vast research expertise in Australia’s universities.

They offer a wide range of opportunities for students to work with industry.

About the Program

This is a national program working with all industries, aiming to build links between universities and those in industry. It is ideal for companies seeking high-end analytical expertise for a research challenge or problem.

Adopted model:

  • Placement of PhD students
  • Drawn from all disciplines, supported by an Academic Mentor the intern brings a new perspective and the latest knowledge to a research challenge faced by the business.
  • Collaborative research projects 
  • To support multi-disciplinary applied research collaborations between university, researchers and industry partners

Benefits to the business/industry:

  • Innovate and develop your business
  • Instant access to new high-level analytical skills
  • New skills for short-term projects
  • Excellent recruiting opportunities
  • Access to university academic mentors
  • Opportunities to engage in further research collaborations
  • All intellectual property remains with the industry partner
  • No additional HR costs associated with intern placement
  • All administration and legal elements completed by AMSI

How are the projects funded?

  • Internship projects are fully funded by the industry partner.
  • $3,000 per month is received by the student as a stipend for the duration of the internship
  • $5,500 is paid to the Academic Mentor for their participation in the project
  • $5,500 is paid to AMSI Intern for administration of the internship and case-management

Eligible projects 

A proposed project must: 

  • develop a new idea with commercial potential within the business 
  • involve activities that are not currently being carried out in the business 
  • involve activities which will create new competencies and capabilities within the business that are aligned with the business strategy.

What is the role of the mentor? 

Academic mentors provide guidance to the intern during the project and are in regular contact with the Industry Partner.  AMSI is currently looking for both industry partners interested in participating in this new program as well as students interested in applying for internships. 

For more information contact Rachel Geddes, AMSI Intern, Business Development.
+61 433 488 213

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