2016 EMBL Australia Student PhD symposium - Unravelling Nature’s Secrets

16-18 November, SAHMRI, Adelaide.

2016 EMBL Australia PhD Symposium Image

The 3rd annual EMBL Australia Student PhD symposium, ‘Unravelling Nature’s Secrets’ was held in November at the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) in Adelaide. The symposium focused on the use of new technologies and techniques to conceptually, and practically, model both disease and the environment. It examined a range of fields including the next generation sequencing revolution, the application of innovative in vivo molecular imaging techniques, the molecular characterisation of signalling pathways, and the development of innovative drug design strategies.

The event was attended by many distinguished guests such as Professor James Whisstock (EMBL Australia Head) and Professor Steve Wesselingh (EMBL Australia Partner Laboratory Head and Executive Director, SAHMRI. In attendance were a multitude of national and international plenary speakers including Professor John Quackenbush, Professor John Mattick, Professor Ross Hannan, Professor Michelle Haber, Dr Misty Jenkins, Associate Professor David Lynn and Associate Professor Julian Heng.

Students from around the country attended. They noted that they felt inspired by their fellow students, making them excited to be part of the fantastic future of science in Australia. They also reflected on the unique opportunity the symposium offers, and its ability to facilitate the development of strong working networks among their peers.

EMBL Australia plans on continuing the PhD symposium in 2017, and will announce the venue and dates shortly.

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2015 EMBL Australia PhD Symposium

25-27 November 2015 at the Bio21 Institute, Melbourne, Australia

The 2015 EMBL Australian Student Symposium explored the current revolution in biological sciences, the integration of large-scale biology and computational approaches to answer our biological questions. Entitled Completing the Pipeline: From Biology to Bioinformatics and Back Again, the symposium focused on research that explored fundamental biological questions on a grander scale such as 'next-generation' sequencing, mass spectrometry, lipidomic approaches, and large cohort studies.

It was an exciting experience for young scientists embarking on careers in biological and medical sciences. The Symposium included notable plenary speakers, oral and poster presentations from research students and early career researchers, as well as informal blackboard/panel sessions with keynote speakers.

Carrying on from the success of the inaugural 2014 EMBL Student Symposium, held at the University of New South Wales, December 3-5 2014, the 2015 symposium continued to develop a national network of students and early career researchers in Australia.

The 2015 EMBL PhD Symposium

About the Symposium

The symposium was organised by students associated with EMBL Australia from universities, institutes and hospitals around Australia.

It was the only conference of its kind in Australia, bringing together students from a broad range of disciplines in a collaborative environment. Our aim was to provide research students with the ability to present their work to a professional but less intimidating audience than open-level symposiums and give them the opportunity to interact with our senior scientists on an informal level.

The exciting blend of research topics and speakers engaged scientists from broad fields and provided an excellent networking experience for students and early career researchers. The addition of informal blackboard sessions and a symposium dinner with the experienced plenary speakers offered an invaluable opportunity for delegates to meet and exchange ideas with peers and senior scientists, fostering the development of long-term associations and professional relationships and collaborations.

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