News / 28 April 2017
Yannick Scwab headshot

Dr Yannick Schwab, team leader and head of electron microscopy core facility at EMBL, will travel from EMBL Heidelberg to join us and 60 first and second-year PhD students at the EMBL Australia PhD Course in July at Monash University. The distinguished researcher, who has more than 40 peer-reviewed articles to his name, will present on his innovative work and his passion for electron microscopy as part of the two-week course.

Dr Schwab – whose team develops tools for the 3D correlation of data generated by fluorescence imaging and by electron microscopy – says he’s thrilled to be part of the course. “One of the things I’m most looking forward to is sharing the collaborative and community spirit that is unique to EMBL,” he says. “My mission for this visit is to share my passion to teach, as well as share my passion for electron microscopy, particularly in the area of method development in correlative light and electron microscopy. I really hope to inspire some students!”

What is your research focus?

My team and I are mainly interested in developing tools for the 3D correlation of data generated by fluorescence imaging and by electron microscopy. If you want to read more about our team and research interests, please visit the Schwab team website.

What will you cover at during your session at the EMBL Australia PhD students course this year?

In my session to students I plan to cover:

  1. Electron Microscopy (EM) in Biology – understanding the power EM has to visualise the sub-cellular organisation.  The principles in image formation in EM and the challenges of sample preparation will also be covered.
  2. Volume-EM – Beyond TEM tomography that is routine, automated serial imaging in SEM is coming of age with three major technologies (array tomography, SBF-SEM and FIB-SEM)
  3. CLEM – Demonstrate the powerful methods to combine fluorescence imaging (hence functional and dynamic) with EM (high resolution, rich sub-cellular context).

Are you excited about visiting Australia?

Yes, I visited Australia back in 2013 when I participated in a masterclass on CLEM in Sydney. Last time I only passed through Melbourne. This time I’m looking forward to spending more time discovering Melbourne and catching up with old colleagues, as well as meeting new ones.