EMBL Australia PhD Course

Get a head start on your research career

For students just starting their PhD in Australia, EMBL Australia offers sixty students a unique introduction to research with the annual EMBL Australia PhD Course. 

Modelled on EMBL’s compulsory pre-doctoral course for first year PhD students, this two-week program shows students how their research fits into the bigger picture of science, and introduces a range of fields including: bioinformatics; developmental biology; genomics; systems biology; and regenerative medicine.

“It was great to meet so many other PhD students, and to be able to talk about our research and troubleshoot our problems together,” says Chloe Warren, a PhD student at the University of Newcastle who attended the first course in Melbourne in 2013.


About the 2015 EMBL Australia PhD Course
The 2015 Course will be hosted by the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research from 22 June to 3 July.
Topics the course will covering:

Genome and Gene Expression

Session Chair: Assoc Prof Pilar Blancafort (Harry Perkins Institute)


Session Chair: Prof Ryan Lister (University of Western Australia)

RNA Regulation

Session Chair: Dr Archa Fox (Harry Perkins Institute)


Session Chair: Dr Laura Boykin (University of Western Australia)

Structural Biology

Session Chair: Prof Charlie Bond (University of Western Australia)

Mass Spectrometry

Session Chair: Dr Josh Mylne (University of Western Australia)

Introduction to Next Generation Sequencing

Session Chair: Dr Catherine Shang (Bioplatforms Australia)

Cell & Developmental Biology

Session Chair: Assoc Prof Nathan Pavlos (University of Western Australia)

Animal Models of Disease

Session Chair: Prof Ruth Ganss (Harry Perkins Institute)


Session Chair: Prof David Sampson (University of Western Australia)

Neuroscience & Neurobiology

Session Chair: Dr Julian Heng (Harry Perkins Institute)

Systems Biology

Session Chair: TBC

Nanotechnology & Synthetic Biology

Session Chair: TBC

Translational & Clinical Sciences

Session Chair: Dr Raelene Endersby (Telethon Kids Institute)

There are no course fees and once students are in Perth, EMBL Australia will provide accommodation on campus and most meals.

Accommodation is provided at Trinity College, UWA

Email Jane, our Student Programs Coordinator, on student.admin@emblaustralia.org with any questions or to express your interest in supporting this unique school.
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