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EMBL Australia Newsletter - October 2018

Newsletters / 10 October 2018

News this quarter:

  • Delegation to EMBL fosters new collaborations
  • Position available: Group Leader in Biological Imaging
  • Dr Richard Morris to lead research group at UNSW
  • Unlocking clues to the cause of Alzheimer's disease
  • Career insights and networking were highlights of PhD Course
  • Is Europe calling? Our travel grant applications are open

And more:

  • Upcoming events
  • Student opportunities
  • Job opportunities
  • Recent publications
  • Get to know Dr Richard Morris

EMBL Australia Newsletter - July 2018

Newsletters / 13 July 2018

News this quarter:

  • Our ACT Node has launched
  • Can early antibiotic use make vaccination less effective?
  • Life science research to tackle societal challenges
  • InsituNet: An app to analyse spatially resolved gene expression data
  • Travel grant successes: job offers, collaborations and more

And more:

  • Upcoming events
  • Student opportunities
  • Job opportunities
  • Recent publications
  • Get to know Dr Robert Weatheritt

EMBL Australia Newsletter - March 2018

Newsletters / 26 March 2018

News this quarter:

  • Katharina Gaus honoured with international science award
  • Expanding rings vital for viable embryo
  • Working towards a cure for type 1 diabetes
  • Funding success for research into regenerative medicine and molecular mechanisms
  • EAPS 2017: ‘Overcoming Chaos’ in the best way
  • ​ABACBS 2017 showcases the cutting edge in bioinformatics
  • EMBL Director awarded honorary doctorate from ANU

And more:                                                            

  • Upcoming events
  • Student opportunities
  • Job opportunities
  • Recent publications
  • Get to know Dr Michelle Boyle

EMBL Australia Newsletter – November 2017

Newsletters / 20 November 2017

News this quarter:

  • Max Cryle awarded fellowship to battle antimicrobial resistance
  • Edwina McGlinn and Maté Biro awarded ARC Discovery Project grants
  • Harald Janovjak is a ‘Scientist to Watch’
  • EMBL Australia researcher awarded a Victoria Fellowship
  • David Lynn on the importance of incentivising Open Science
  • Aussie contingent shines at EMBL PhD Symposium

And more:                                                            

  • Upcoming events
  • Recent publications
  • Get to know EMBL Australia Group Leader Mikaël Martino

EMBL Australia Newsletter - August 2017

Newsletters / 2 August 2017

News this quarter:

  • Our Partner Laboratory Network is expanding and we’re looking for new group leaders
  • Nobel Laureate imparts lessons in perseverance to PhD Course students
  • Antibiotic insight may help in battle against ‘superbugs’
  • EMBL Australia PhD Course: 60 students, 57 presenters, 10 big days
  • EMBL alumni in Australia come together for the first time
  • PhD student’s imaging app impresses at VIZBI

And more:

  • Upcoming events
  • Jobs at EMBL Australia

EMBL Australia Newsletter - May 2017

Newsletters / 2 May 2017

News this quarter:

  • Ancient DNA expert Professor Alan Cooper to give public address at the EMBL Australia PhD Course on 12 July 2017
  • Swiss researcher Dr Harald Janovjak announced as a new EMBL Australia group leader
  • Join EMBL for their first alumni event to be held in Australia
  • EMBL’s Head of Electron Microscopy Core Facility, Dr Yannick Schwab, will present at EMBL Australia’s PhD Course
  • Gaus group researchers have developed a sensor to measure membrane charges in live cells
  • The Davidovich group has further enhanced our knowledge on how genes are regulated

And more:

  • Student opportunities
  • Upcoming events
  • Job opportunities

EMBL Australia Newsletter - January 2017

Newsletters / 17 February 2017

News this month:

  • EMBL Australia training events
  • EMBL Australia PhD Symposium 2017 - 'Overcoming Chaos'
  • GAMe 2017 - Galaxy Australasia Meeting
  • Cryo-EM and single particle analysis workshop

EMBL Australia training events:

  • Training workshop on cryo-EM and single-particle analysis, Feb 1 – 3, Monash University (FULLY BOOKED)
  • GamE 2017 - Galaxy Australasia Meeting, Feb 3 – 9, Melbourne University
  • EAPS 2017, Nov 29 – Dec 1, Garvan Institute of Medical Research
  • EMBL Australia PhD course, July 9 – 21, Monash University

EMBL Australia Newsletter - December 2016

Newsletters / 21 December 2016
News this month:
  • Profile: Tanja Racic, EMBL Australia PhD candidate and EAPS 2016 Co-convener
  • Profile: Julienne O’Rourke, EMBL Australia PhD candidate and EAPS 2016 Co-convener
  • Triumph at the EMBL Australia Postgraduate Symposium - EAPS2016
  • Next-Generation Inspiring at BioInfoSummer 2016
  • EMBL hosts first Cryo-EM and single particle analysis workshop

EMBL Australia Newsletter - November 2016

Newsletters / 29 November 2016

News this month:

  • Profile: Dr Seán O’Donoghue (EMBL Alumni) – where is he now?
  • SA Node hosts Finnish delegation, Peter Meikle and goes to ABACBS
  • A Festival of Bioinformatics - report from Brisbane
  • Australia tour: Prof Jeffrey Rosenthal - from Lotteries to Polls to Monte Carlo

Notice Board:

  • EMBL - ABR training opportunities
  • EMBL Heidelberg Post-doctoral opportunity