Our group studies the mechanisms and transcriptome-wide patterns of eukaryotic mRNA translation as one of life’s core processes and its regulation by RNA-binding proteins and non-coding RNA (e.g. microRNAs) as a means of controlling gene activity. Translation takes place on the ribosome, and is aided by numerous accessory factors. Control at this post-transcriptional level makes major contributions to gene regulation and its dysregulation is increasingly recognised as an important factor in human disease.

Pathologic mechanisms may perturb the activity of components of the translational machinery with a broad impact on the cellular translation program, leading to, for instance, malignant transformation, inappropriate cell death or cardiac hypertrophy. Failure to properly regulate the translation of specific mRNAs is also linked to a growing spectrum of diseases. We investigate post-transcriptional gene control in mammalian and yeast cell culture models and employ a mix of conventional molecular biology approaches as well as global methods such as next generation sequencing.

  • Messenger RNA and noncoding RNA in cardiac biology
  • Gene regulation through interactions between RNA, enzymes and metabolites
  • 5-methylcytosine as an epitranscriptomic mark
  • Tracking factor footprints to reveal the intricacy and control of translation initiation

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