1 in 100 babies born in Australia suffer from heart defects. The only known cure is an invasive heart surgery very early in life. The cause for these congenital heart diseases remains in most cases unknown. The Ramialison group is studying causes of congenital heart disease. They are a multidisciplinary team of computational and molecular biologists who specialise in genomics. They conduct their research using new genomic technology and the zebrafish as a model organism. 

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The Ramialison group focuses on applying systems biology (the study of biological components, be it molecules, cells, organisms or entire species) to reconstruct the cardiac gene regulatory networks and to work out not only what leads to proper heart formation, but what are the causes of congenital heart disease. Since gene regulation is as important as gene function itself, investigating this complex process is crucial for understanding normal heart formation as well as congenital heart diseases. With Mirana’s expertise in both fields, her group combines ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ lab to decipher the regulatory code of vertebrate heart development.

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  • Dissecting cardiac gene regulatory networks in healthy and diseased hearts
  • Combining ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ lab: Using bioinformatics to decipher the regulatory code of vertebrate heart development 
  • Investigating the mechanisms of heart development and evolution
  • Identifying candidates for human congenital heart diseases
  • Role of ubiquitous transcription factor (compensation?) in heart disease

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