The Scientific Program for the EMBL Australia Partner Laboratory Network builds on the strategic alliance with EMBL and its activities in systems biology.

EMBL Associate Membership affords Australia the capacity to develop the next generation of leaders in bioscience research through the establishment of an Australian EMBL Partner Laboratory Network. 


Utilising a unique Partner Laboratory Network structure 

The structure of the EMBL Australia Partner Laboratory Network has been based on the highly successful EMBL model, with distributed, tightly integrated research centres focused on complementary aspects of biological research. 

Supporting the world’s best

Selection of EMBL Australia Partner Laboratory Network Group Leaders is based on scientific excellence and promise. The competition for this posts are highly competitive, meaning that the best from the world are appointed. 

Group Leaders will provided with generous support (approximately $1 million per annum) for a limited period of time (5 years with possible renewal for a further 4 years upon review)

Ability to attract high calibre international scientists to Australia

Australia is fast becoming an international research hub, drawing from Australia’s own talent pool, whilst also engaging overseas members who are attracted by the unique strengths of Australian life sciences.

Producing outstanding young career researchers in Australia

The EMBL Australia Partner Laboratory Network provides the leaders of tomorrow an unprecedented opportunity to develop their careers in Australia. 

Developing sustainable links with research centres in Europe

EMBL and Australian research cultures are both highly collaborative and the synergies created from the alliance stemming from the establishment of Partner Laboratories are expected to be significant. This will build on already strong relationships between Australia and the European Union in key domains of biomedical research.

Amplifying research quality and outputs

EMBL Australia Partner Laboratory Network represents a highly effective, relatively inexpensive avenue for leveraging Commonwealth investment in the future of Australian life sciences and biotechnological research