​The Biro group are primarily concerned with the cell biology and mechanics of the actin cytoskeleton, and how immune cells (T cells) locate and kill cancer cells.

The group uses high-speed imaging to watch how T cells, and the cancer cells they target, move throughout complex 3-dimensional environments.

They also use single molecule microscopes to observe the dynamics of actin, which is a major component of the cytoskeleton.

The Biro and Rossy groups
From left to right: Feyza Colakoglu (research assistant), Maté Biro (group leader), Jorge Luis Galeano Niño (PhD student), Daryan Kempe (postdoc), Manuela Ecker (PhD student, Rossy lab), Matt Govendir (PhD student), Natasha Kaushik (research assistant, Rossy lab), Jacqueline Tearle (PhD student), Sophie Pageon (postdoc), Gregory Redpath (postdoc, Rossy lab), Haig Vartoukian (Honours student, Rossy lab), Jérémie Rossy (visiting group leader).
  • How T cell’s cytoskeleton drives the scanning for and interactions with tumour cells once located in the body
  • Migration of T cells through the body
  • See and quantitate the intricate dynamics and interactions of actin
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