• EMBL-EBI Associate Director Rolf Apweiler on science in Australia

    News / 31 May 2024

    Dr Rolf Apweiler recently visited Melbourne to speak at the World Health Summit Regional Meeting and a proteomics workshop co-hosted by EMBL Australia. He kindly shared his thoughts with us about the role of EMBL-EBI in the Australian context, opportunities for collaboration and the future of bioinformatics.

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  • Future-proofing computational proteomics

    News / 3 May 2024

    EMBL Australia and Bioplatforms Australia joined forces to host a pivotal proteomics workshop titled ‘Future-proofing Computational Proteomics’ on 24 April, featuring leading guest speakers, Dr Rolf Apweiler, Prof Marc Wilkins and Dr Richard Lipscombe.

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  • Investigator Grant funding success

    News / 2 May 2024

    Members of the EMBL Australia Partner Laboratory Network were awarded more than $6.58 million in NHMRC Investigator Grants to support their outstanding research.

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  • We urgently need better support for early career researchers

    News / 26 April 2024

    EMBL Australia Scientific Head Prof James Whisstock calls for better funding and support for young Australian researchers. “Without a better path to support young researchers to become the next generation of health and medical research leaders, Australian research will face a bleak future,” he warns.

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  • EMBL Australia Newsletter - March 2024

    Newsletters / 26 March 2024

    News this quarter:

    • Dr William Roman awarded $1.58m Investigator Grant
    • Enhance your Cryo-ET skills with our unique training course: ‘Freeze, Frame & Focus: Mastering Cryo-Electron Tomography Techniques’
    • Cracking the mystery of how HIV gets into the cell’s centre
    • Annette Wittmann joins EMBL Australia as COO
    • Powering cell transport by chance
    • Light microscopy in focus at our Quantitative Microscopy for Cellular Dynamics Symposium

    And more:

    • Job opportunities
    • Student opportunities
    • Upcoming events
    • Recent publications
    • Get to know… Annette Wittmann
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  • Powering cell transport by chance

    News / 22 January 2024

    New insights into long-haul transport of molecular cargo in mammalian cell lines have been revealed with super-resolution microscopy in a study led by EMBL Australia group leader Dr Vaishnavi Ananthanarayanan.

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