EMBL Australia and the Partner Laboratory Network host institutes are committed to supporting a gender-diverse & inclusive work environment, ensuring equal employment opportunity to attract and retain the best researchers in their field.

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Employment Opportunities

chief operating officer, embl australia:

We’re hiring a Chief Operating Officer (based at Monash University, Clayton) to lead the EMBL Australia Secretariat & collaborate closely with the EMBL Australia Council Chair and Scientific Director.

This pivotal role involves developing and advancing key programs such as Partner Laboratories, major training programs, communication strategy, government and industry relationships, budget management, and the development of major collaborative programs to support research and research infrastructure.

This role is full-time and involves strategic leadership, developing and writing major funding applications to government, leading impactful programs, managing a substantial budget, and engaging with influential stakeholders. The role involves fostering close collaboration with other NCRIS-funded capabilities, connecting with industry, working with government, and connecting with multiple academic partners around Australia and internationally (including Universities and Institutes).

The role involves liaising with multiple national and international partners and involves regular interstate and international travel (mainly to Europe).

For more information (including a position description), see the Seek advertisement.

Applications close Tuesday, 9 January 2024.

Postdoctoral research positions:

positions at embl sites (Europe):

NOn-embl australia positions withIN host institutes:

SAiGENCI are recruiting for a Group Leader and Program leader position in the area of PROTAC.

The South Australian immunoGENomics Cancer Institute (SAiGENCI) has made a strategic decision to invest in building PROTAC and related research capacity to complement the existing molecular biological discovery and proteomic science expertise in South Australia.

Generous 5-year start up and relocation packages are available to fund both a senior and junior group leader and their laboratory in the Resistance Prevention Program. The senior group leader could also be considered for the Program Leader position if desired. A part-time clinical appointment for clinicians with laboratory-based research programs is also negotiable.

The University of Adelaide are committed to supporting a gender-diverse and inclusive work environment, ensuring equal employment opportunity to attract and retain the best in their field. Attractive conditions and benefits are offered to ensure a flexible and family-friendly working environment. We encourage you to apply, and circulate to interested colleagues.

More information and the position description can be found here.

Enquires to Prof Christopher Sweeney are welcome: christopher.sweeney@adelaide.edu.au.


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