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Feyza is a research assistant in the Biro group. She is completing a PhD on gut microbiota at the University of Sydney and previously obtained a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Biology.

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​Colakoglu F.

Diet-induced feedbacks on microbiome composition via relaxation of microbial competition for endogenous nutrients (Manuscript in preparation)

Le Couteur DG, Tay SS, Solon-Biet S, Bertolino P, McMahon AC, Cogger VC, Colakoglu F, Warren A, Holmes AJ, Pichaud N, Horan M, Correa C, Melvin RG, Turner N, Ballard JW, Ruohonen K, Raubenheimer D, Simpson SJ.

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Sivri N, Sandalli C, Ozgumus, OB, Colakoglu F, Dogan D.

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Çolakoğlu F, Özgümüş OB, Sandallı C, Çelik-Sevim E, Alpay-Karaoğlu Ş.

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