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Informing the development of the next-generation malaria vaccines by:

  • identifying and characterising key functional mechanisms of antibodies that mediate protection,
  • defining the key cellular mechanisms that promote the generation of functional antibodies, and
  • quantifying the impact of host age and prior malaria exposure on antibody development.

Dr Michelle Boyle completed her PhD in 2012 at the Burnet Institute and Melbourne University with a focus on developing methods to study Plasmodium falciparum malaria invasion of red blood cells and progressing towards vaccine and drug development.

Following her PhD, Michelle was awarded an NHMRC Early Career (CJ Martin) Fellowship and completed a two-year post-doctoral position at the University of California, San Francisco. Her work identified a number of age and malaria exposure-dependent changes to T cells that contribute to naturally acquired immunity and she received the Australian National Association of Research Fellows Postdoctoral Investigator Award in 2015.

Dr Boyle was working on collaborative projects between the Menzies School of Health Research in Darwin, where she is an Honorary Fellow, and the Burnet Institute, to identify mechanisms contributing to the acquisition of immunity against multiple malaria species in the South East Asia region.

In 2018, she established her lab at the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute in Queensland and commenced as an EMBL Australia Group Leader.

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Boyle MJ, Chan JA, Handayuni I, Reiling L, Feng G, Hilton A, Kurtovic L, Oyong D, Piera KA, Barber BE, William T, Eisen DP, Mingo G, Langer C, Drew DR, de Labastida Rivera F, Amante FH, William TN, Doolan DL, Engwerda C, Fowkes FJI, Grigg MJ, Mueller I, McCarthy J, Anstey NM, Beeson JG.

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Journal of Infectious Disease (2015) 212:416-425.


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