Applications for the 2019 EMBL Australia PhD Course are now closed.

Sixty outstanding first and second year PhD students from around Australia will attend the 6th EMBL Australia PhD Course in Hobart. The two-week residential course will be held at the University of Tasmania between June 24 and July 5 2019.

Modelled on the compulsory pre-doc training program of the prestigious European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), the course covers a wide range of topics – from epigenetics and bioinformatics to translational and clinical sciences – exposing students to the latest ideas in molecular biology.

Sessions will be held by leading international and Australian scientists across diverse career stages, backgrounds and areas of interest. The course also includes practical workshops that cover basic R-programming, bioinformatics, data-driven subgrouping, genetics, molecular biology and imaging techniques.

There are no course fees and once students are in Hobart, EMBL Australia will provide dormitory accommodation and most weekday daytime meals.

Topics to be covered include: 

•        Cancer Genomics and Bioinformatics

•        Epigenetics

•        Cell Motility and Microscopy

•        Disease Genetics and Systems Epidemiology

•        Research Ethics, Law, Integrity and Equity

•        Growth and Development of Tissues and Organisms

•        Antarctic Science site visit

•        Tasmanian Devil site visit

Speakers for the course include:

Prof Jenny Graves, Prof James Whisstock, Prof Peter Gunning, Dr Melissa Davis, Dr Senthil Arumugam, Dr Gretta Pecl, Prof Coral Warr, Prof Lisa Foa, Assoc Prof Ville-Petteri Mäkinen,  Dr Glenn Begley, Prof David Vaux, Dr Pirjo Apaja, Dr Michelle Boyle, Prof Ross Cagan, Dr Matt Piper, Dr Mirana Ramialison, Assoc Prof Geraldine O'Neill, Dr Brad Sutherland, Assoc Prof Roger Pocock, Prof Kathryn Burdon, Prof Alex Hewitt, Dr Phillippa Taberlay, Dr Carolyn Hogg, Assoc Prof Bruce Lyons, Prof Peter Dearden, Prof Joanne Dickinson, Prof Tracey Dickson, Prof Katharina Gaus, Dr Rebekah McWhirter, Prof Peter Currie and Assoc Prof Ethan Scott.

Successful applicants will be notified in May 2019.

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Become a sponsor of the EMBL Australia PhD Course and share your brand with PhD students in the life sciences community from across Australia.

Sponsorship opportunities can be tailored to suit your organisation’s unique marketing needs, and options include sponsoring a workshop, dinner, poster event, student accommodation, travel for keynote speakers, and more.

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