Post-Doctoral Research at EMBL Australia

We encourage outstanding candidates for post-doc positions to contact the EMBL Australia Group Leaders directly.  Our Groups offer exceptional academic and research environments, in some of the world’s highest-ranked universities.  Groups offer internationally competitive salaries and career development opportunities.  Learn more about our Groups.

Advertised post-doc positions are listed on our jobs page here.

EIPOD-LinC Fellowship Programme

Researchers at any academic institute, industry or clinic located in Australia can participate in EIPOD-LinC, a Postdoctoral fellowship programme supporting promising researchers from around the world who are passionate about interdisciplinary research.

The programme is designed to support the increasing diversity of career paths in Europe’s research landscape providing researchers with the mentoring, training and career development support needed to become leaders in academia, industry and beyond.

The programme is embedded in EMBL’s unique interdisciplinary and collaborative research environment. Candidates work on self-designed interdisciplinary research projects in the context of EMBL’s research programme: Molecules to Ecosystems. All projects require an EMBL Host and a partner. Partners may come from EMBL or from an academic institute, industry or clinic located in an EMBL Member State, Associate Member State or Prospect Member State. Importantly, projects must allow candidates to gain new skills contributing to interdisciplinary research skill sets. The full breadth of EMBL research is available here.

The EIPOD-LinC programme has one annual call for applications per year. The 2022 call is open until January 18th, 2023.

To learn more about the programme a recording of an information webinar is available here.

Find more information about eligibility and how to apply on the EMBL website.


EIPOD4: EMBL Interdisciplinary Postdocs

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering and Molecular Medicine

Candidates are invited to propose and design an interdisciplinary project of their choice, which should involve at least two EMBL groups from any of the five EMBL sites in France, Germany, Italy and the UK.

Learn about the EMBL Interdisciplinary Postdocs initiative.

Access an overview of the EIPOD4 Programme.

Read a list of FAQs relating to applications for EIPOD4 Interdisciplinary Postdocs.