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My research interest lies at the interface of synthetic biology and mammalian physiology in the new research field of 'synthetic physiology'.

My work is currently transitioning to the ‘physiology’ of synthetic physiology, with a focus on understanding and manipulating cell signalling and cell behaviour selectively in tissues affected by degeneration. Our interdisciplinary research builds on the application of new molecular tools, such as our light-activated receptors, in animal models (mouse and Drosophila) of disease, including Type I diabetes and Parkinson’s disease.

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Harald Janovjak received his PhD in single molecule biophysics from the University of Technology Dresden.

After post-doctoral research in the laboratories of Ehud Y. Isacoff at the University of California, Berkeley and Dirk Trauner at the Ludwig Maximilians University Munich in molecular neuroscience and optogenetics, he joined the Institute of Science and Technology Austria.

In 2017, Harald was appointed as an EMBL Australia Group Leader, hosted at the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute at Monash University, Melbourne. His work is centered on manipulating mammalian physiology with synthetic biology, with a focus on identifying new approaches for tissue regeneration.

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