News / 13 November 2017

VESKI, on behalf of the Victorian Government, awarded Dr Payne and 11 other local early-career researchers $18,000 to expand their investigations with an international study mission.

Dr Payne’s research focusses on developing innovative antibiotic strategies that combine different mechanisms of action into one molecule.

She said the fellowship will allow her to travel to the United States to work with collaborators at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and Harvard Medical School, as well as present her research at an international conference.

“The time in Boston will allow me to join the fight against superbugs by examining if antibiotics can arm our immune system – in particular, by using cutting-edge microfluidics techniques to examine the movement and killing ability of innate immune cells to antibiotic-resistant bacteria,” Dr Payne said.

“I look forward to bringing back the new capabilities that I learn to Monash University and EMBL Australia.”

Find more information on the Victoria Fellowships at the VESKI website.

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