Join us for a free virtual event, designed for research staff and students, as we showcase the different ways to make the most of scientific discoveries that can benefit more people in academia and our broader society.

As part of National Science Week, the EMBL Australia Single Molecule Science Node at the University of New South Wales and the ‘Research for What?’ podcast are holding a free virtual event for researchers on Friday, 21 August.

It will be a serious and fun event, centred on a hypothetical scenario where our researcher, Professor Katharina Gaus, is seeking opportunities to boost the impact of a scientific discovery. Five experts from different specialties, ranging from academia, publishing and commercialisation, will make their pitches to our researcher, bidding for a chance to collaborate.

The Academic: Prof Marcel Dinger, Head of UNSW School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences

The Editor: Prof Justin Gooding, Editor-in-chief of ACS Sensors

The Investor: Natasha Rawlings, Investment Manager at Uniseed

The Biotech Executive: Dr Marthe D’Ombrain, Senior Director and Head Global Research Innovation at CSL

The Entrepreneur: Dr Julio Ribeiro, CEO of Inventia Life Science

Find more information about the event here, or register for a limited place here.

Maximising Research Impact flyer

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