The Theory of Living Systems is a webinar series designed to promote cutting-edge research at the interface of theory, computation and life science, created for research communities across Australia, New Zealand and other regions with similar time-zones.

This webinar series will encompass a broad range of traditional disciplines, including (but not limited to) biophysics, systems biology, mathematical ecology, active matter, computational neuroscience, collective behaviour, bioengineering, and much more.

We hope that this program facilitates a broader level of engagement and interaction between like-minded researchers across Australia and New Zealand.

Speakers include researchers from CalTech, UC San Diego, University of Melbourne, UC Irvine, Indian Institute of Science, and more.

The first line-up of speakers can be found on our web page:

Subscribe online to receive details and sign-in instructions for each webinar. The sign-up window for each talk will close one day before the talk is scheduled.

Selected recordings of previous webinars can be found on the Theory of Living Systems YouTube channel.

The Theory of Living Systems is administered jointly by EMBL Australia group leader Richard Morris (UNSW), Sami Al-Izzi (UNSW), Michael Stumpf (Melbourne) and Edmund Crampin (Melbourne).

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