News / 30 June 2018

Share something about you most people wouldn’t know:
My first time on a plane was when I was 16. I flew from London to Sydney to visit my brother.

What are your scientific interests?
I’m interested in how post-transcriptional regulation expands phenotypic complexity. Day-to-day, my work involves exploring how the interplay between post-transcriptional regulation and intrinsically disordered regions controls cell homeostasis with the nervous system.

Which unresolved question would you most like to answer?
A key future challenge is to understand the molecular mechanisms underpinning the multitude of debilitating neurological and psychological disorders.

What has been a highlight of your research career to date?
Helping to uncover a molecular mechanism that impacts a third of idiopathic autism spectrum disorder cases.

Name one tool you can’t do without. 

What will you be looking for as you build your research group?
I’d like to work with friendly people who are passionate about understanding the inner workings of the cell.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
Don’t believe the hype! Read broadly, but be cynical of everything you read (especially in top journals).

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