News / 4 September 2019

Group Leader, Dr Mikaël Martino has been awarded an NHMRC Investigator Grant to develop new regenerative strategies.

The grant aims to reveal how the immune system influences the repair and regeneration of different tissues and organs, such as the heart and the lung.

Ultimately, his group is seeking to design the next generation of regenerative strategies, which are based on controlling and using components of the immune system.

“It is critical to better understand the fundamental mechanisms governing the repair and regeneration processes if we want to design better regenerative strategies,” said Dr Martino.

Regenerative medicine has enormous potential for the future of healthcare, but unfortunately, it is still not a widespread reality. For instance, many clinical trials have failed to show the efficacy of therapies based on stem cells.

The title of his Emerging Leadership Grant is ‘Development of immune-centric regenerative strategies’.  Dr Martino is a researcher at the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute at Monash University.  Read more about his research.

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