News / 16 November 2023

A protein engineering spin-out company co-founded by EMBL Australia group leader Associate Professor Mikaël Martino and Dr Ziad Julier aims to spearhead the development of new drug delivery technology that could transform the field of regenerative medicine.

The Orio Therapeutics founders, both based at the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI) at Monash University, developed new technology that modifies therapeutic proteins to improve delivery through controlled, slow release and consistent dosing that stays at the injection site. Importantly, this enables better therapeutic effects at lower doses.

The limited success of most protein-based therapeutics in regenerative medicine is due to sub-optimal delivery systems that can require large doses of therapeutic protein that quickly spreads away from the injection site. This can require frequent, high dosing, with consequent negative side effects and high costs.

By maintaining precise control of delivery, the technology ensures that the therapeutic stays at the site of injection, where local action is crucial for tissue regeneration and repair.

The new technology has the potential to transform the field of regenerative medicine and revolutionise the approach to tissue regeneration and repair, while addressing unmet medical needs and improving patient outcomes.

It is also adaptable enough to improve almost any protein therapeutic that can benefit from local delivery.

As a first product candidate, Orio Therapeutics is focused on developing a cardioprotective drug for patient care following a heart attack.

Orio Therapeutics has established an equity/licensing deal with the Monash University Commercialisation and Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences (MNHS) Business Development teams and is now seeking seed capital to expand the team and undertake pre-clinical studies.

Dr Julier and Associate Professor Martino will lead the commercialisation process through Orio Therapeutics to facilitate engagement with a range of potential investors and industry partners internationally and have selected Swiss incubator The Ark and established one of its offices at the BioArk technology site in Switzerland to support commercialisation.

Dr Julier said the partnership with Monash University “represents an exciting opportunity to bring our groundbreaking drug delivery technology to the forefront of regenerative medicine”.

“With Monash’s support, we aim to revolutionise patient care and drive advancements in the field,” Dr Julier said.

To learn more, visit their website Orio Therapeutics.

Read the original article about the partnership of Orio Therapeutics and Monash University on the University’s Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences webpage.


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