News / 2 March 2018

EMBL Australia Node Head Scientia Professor Katharina Gaus has received the Khwarizmi International Award for her achievements in single-molecule imaging at an award ceremony in Tehran.

Prof Gaus – who leads the Single Molecule Science Node at the University of New South Wales – was one of five foreign laureates named by the Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology at a ceremony attended by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani last week.

Her research focusses on the molecular signals that determine whether a T cell becomes activated when it encounters foreign material.

Prof Gaus, who is also the Deputy Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Advanced Molecular Imaging, said she was thrilled to be recognised at an international level.

“This recognition is a real honour, and it’s great to see science being recognised beyond borders, cultures and languages,” she said.

The Khwarizmi International Award recognises the invaluable achievements and contributions to various fields of science and technology of researchers, innovators and inventors from all over the world.

Congratulations, Kat!

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