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The Arumugam lab is interested in how complex properties arise out of molecules and their interactions, with a primary focus on endosomal trafficking at the level of single cells and in the context of intercellular communications in development.

  • Cell biology and developmental biology
  • Advanced fluorescence imaging, optogenetics, image and data analysis
  • Self-organization, and pattern formation

Dr Senthil Arumugam obtained his PhD training in the lab of Prof Petra Schwille at the Max Planck Institute for Cell Biology and Genetics in Dresden, Germany, focusing on self-organisation of proteins involved in bacterial cell division.

His post-doctoral work in the labs of Prof Patricia Bassereau and Prof Ludger Johannes at the Curie Institute, Paris, France, focused on protein-membrane interactions and cellular trafficking.

Dr Arumugam joined Single Molecule Science at the University of New South Wales as an independent group leader in September 2016 and established the Lattice Light-Sheet Imaging infrastructure with his research focused on endosomal trafficking.

He is an EMBL Australia Group Leader at the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute.

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York HM, Kaur A, Patil A, Bhowmik A, Moorthi UK, Hyde GJ, Gandhi H, Gaus K, Arumugam S.

bioRxiv 481796.

Pezeshkian W*, Gao H*, Arumugam S*, Becken U, Bassereau P, Florent JC, Ipsen JH, Johannes L, Shillcock JC.

*Equal first authors

ACS Nano. (2017) Jan 24;11(1):314-324.

Arumugam S, Petrov EP and Schwille P.

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BK Maity, AK Das, S Dey, UK Moorthi, A Kaur, Ar Dey, D Surendran, R Pandit, M Kallianpur, B Chandra, M Chandrakesan, S Arumugam, and S Maiti

Chemical Neuroscience 2019 10 (5), 2498-2509.


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