• EMBL Australia Newsletter - October 2014

    Newsletters / 1 October 2014

    • Jobs at EMBL Australia
    • Showing Canberra what Australia’s research infrastructure can do
    • Also in this newsletter:
      • Systems biology conference wrap-up
      • Join the new Australian Bioinformatics Society
      • Aussie PhD students head to EMBL for symposium
    • Upcoming events
    • About EMBL Australia
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  • EMBL Australia Newsletter - September 2014

    Newsletters / 1 September 2014

    • Systems biology innovator and a pioneer join conference in Melbourne
    • Wanted: EMBL Australia Group Leaders in Single Molecule Science @ UNSW
    • More EMBL Australia Group Leaders on the way
    • In other news:
      • SBI Australia’s model networks
      • Need a Genome? We’ve got 80: UCSC Genome Browser Roadshow is back
      • Unlocking clinical research roadmaps using a systems approach
      • MAXIMA brings maths to summer
    • Events coming up
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  • EMBL Australia Newsletter - August 2014

    Newsletters / 1 August 2014

    • A new research centre to transform medicine
    • Can BRAEMBL help handle your data?
    • In other news:
      • Discovery of stem cell ‘buddy system’ brings us closer to a cure for blood disorders
      • Happy 40th Birthday to EMBL
      • Watch Winter School talks online
      • Giving bioinformatics the Senate floor
      • ABiC 2014 call for abstracts, awards and travel bursaries for students
    • Upcoming events
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  • EMBL Australia Newsletter - April 2014

    Newsletters / 1 April 2014

    • Research head-start: the 2nd EMBL Australia PhD Course comes to ANU
    • Right time, right place – when punctuality is a matter of life or death
    • In other news:
      • Want to work with EMBL Australia in Adelaide?
      • AMSI Intern is searching for an up and coming bioinformatician
      • Who runs the world? Microbes!
      • EMBO workshops come to Australia
    • Events and deadlines
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  • EMBL Australia Newsletter - March 2014

    Newsletters / 1 March 2014

    • Introducing our new South Australian group leaders
    • Systems biology is tackling the big questions in Melbourne – ICSB 2014
    • In other news:
      • Travel to Europe with an EMBL Australia travel grant
      • How resilient is our Great Barrier Reef to climate change?
      • Got an idea to bring bioinformaticians together? Make it happen with a Connection Grant
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    • About EMBL Australia
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  • EMBL Australia Annual Report (March 2012-February 2013)

    Annual Reports / 28 February 2014

    2012 has been a busy and important year for EMBL Australia.

    As required by the then Department of Innovation, Industry, Science, Research and Tertiary Education, a review was conducted of the progress made by EMBL Australia since Australia was accepted as the first Associate Member of EMBL in 2008.
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  • EMBL Australia Newsletter - January-February 2014

    Newsletters / 1 February 2014

    • Travel to Europe or Canberra – launching our 2014 student program
    • Measuring wellness – a tipping point for systems biology
    • In other news
      • Learning is as important as discovery
      • Could you be eligible for a science prize in 2014?
      • Science with scenery – Lorne becomes Australia’s science hub in February
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    • About EMBL Australia
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