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EMBL Australia Annual Report 2013-2014 cover

2013 has been a year of growth and renewal for EMBL Australia.

Our biggest achievement this past year has been the establishment of the South Australian node at the new South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI). On behalf of the EMBL Australia Council, I’d like to welcome Ville-Petteri Mäkinen and David Lynn to EMBL Australia, and wish them all the best in their research endeavours.

EMBL Australia Newsletter - December 2014

Newsletters / 1 December 2014
  • Australian Bioinformatics Network to merge with new Society
  • Our first PhD Symposium—giving students the upper hand
  • Also in this newsletter:
    • Aussie PhD students meet like minds in Germany
    • "An investment in the future of science and innovation"
  • About EMBL Australia​

EMBL Australia Newsletter - November 2014

Newsletters / 1 November 2014
  • Understanding how life begins - Nicolas Plachta awarded fellowships for his research  
  • Stopping the immune system's 'friendly fire' 
  • Also in this newsletter:
    • The data is in on BiC 2014 Bioinformatics Conference
    • Become a member of the new bioinformatics society
    • BioInfoSummer comes to Monash in December 
    • PhD students - register now for the first EMBL Australia PhD Symposium
  • Events coming up

EMBL Australia Newsletter - October 2014

Newsletters / 1 October 2014
  • Jobs at EMBL Australia
  • Showing Canberra what Australia’s research infrastructure can do
  • Also in this newsletter:
    • Systems biology conference wrap-up
    • Join the new Australian Bioinformatics Society
    • Aussie PhD students head to EMBL for symposium
  • Upcoming events
  • About EMBL Australia

EMBL Australia Newsletter - September 2014

Newsletters / 1 September 2014
  • Systems biology innovator and a pioneer join conference in Melbourne 
  • Wanted: EMBL Australia Group Leaders in Single Molecule Science @ UNSW 
  • More EMBL Australia Group Leaders on the way
  • In other news:
    • SBI Australia’s model networks
    • Need a Genome? We’ve got 80: UCSC Genome Browser Roadshow is back
    • Unlocking clinical research roadmaps using a systems approach 
    • MAXIMA brings maths to summer
  • Events coming up

EMBL Australia Newsletter - August 2014

Newsletters / 1 August 2014
  • A new research centre to transform medicine
  • Can BRAEMBL help handle your data?
  • In other news:
    • Discovery of stem cell 'buddy system' brings us closer to a cure for blood disorders
    • Happy 40th Birthday to EMBL
    • Watch Winter School talks online
    • Giving bioinformatics the Senate floor
    • ABiC 2014 call for abstracts, awards and travel bursaries for students
  • Upcoming events