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EMBL Australia Newsletter - May 2017

Newsletters / 2 May 2017

News this quarter:

  • Ancient DNA expert Professor Alan Cooper to give public address at the EMBL Australia PhD Course on 12 July 2017
  • Swiss researcher Dr Harald Janovjak announced as a new EMBL Australia group leader
  • Join EMBL for their first alumni event to be held in Australia
  • EMBL’s Head of Electron Microscopy Core Facility, Dr Yannick Schwab, will present at EMBL Australia’s PhD Course
  • Gaus group researchers have developed a sensor to measure membrane charges in live cells
  • The Davidovich group has further enhanced our knowledge on how genes are regulated

And more:

  • Student opportunities
  • Upcoming events
  • Job opportunities

Student Opportunities

News / 28 April 2017

Opportunities are available for students interested in the EMBL Australia PhD Course, travel grants for PhD students and postdoctoral fellows and financial support for the 19th EMBL PhD Symposium in Heidelberg.

Dr Yannick Schwab, team leader and head of electron microscopy core facility at EMBL, will travel from EMBL Heidelberg to join us and 60 first and second-year PhD students at the EMBL Australia PhD Course in July at Monash University.

In collaboration with an assembly of highly recognised international scientists, EMBL Australia group leader Chen Davidovich and Nobel Laureate Thomas Cech (Howard Hughes Medical Institute and University of Colorado at Boulder) have discovered how a gene-suppressing enzyme recognises genes product.