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  • Characterising the mega-enzyme biosynthetic machineries that produce the many important antibiotics, with a focus on the glycopeptide antibiotics
  • Reengineering natural biosynthesis pathways to produce novel antibiotics
  • Developing new antibiotics and identifying potential new targets for antimicrobial therapies

A/Professor Max Cryle is an EMBL Australia Group leader in the Victorian Node, based in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Monash University.

After obtaining his PhD in chemistry from the University of Queensland in 2006, he moved to the Max Planck Institute for Medical Research in Heidelberg as a Cross Disciplinary Fellow of the Human Frontiers Science Program.

He was subsequently awarded funding from the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) to establish his own group to investigate glycopeptide antibiotic biosynthesis as part of the Emmy Noether program: for this work, he was awarded the 2016 Otto Schmeil Prize by the Heidelberg Academy of Arts and Sciences. 

His group works at the boundary of chemistry and biology, where they apply a multidisciplinary approach including synthetic chemistry, biochemistry, structural biology and enzyme catalysis.

In 2016 he joined EMBL Australia to continue his research into understanding the biosynthesis of important natural antibiotics and developing new antimicrobial agents.

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Greule A, Izore T, Iftime D, Tailhades J, Schoppet M, Yongwei Z, Peschke M, Ahmed I, Kulik A, Adamek M, Goode R. J. A, Schittenhelm R. B, Kaczmarski J. A, Jackson C. J, Ziemert N, Krenske E. H, De Voss J, Stegmann E, Cryle J. M

Nature Communications (2019) 10, 2613.

Izoré, Thierry; Tailhades, Julien; Hansen, Mathias H.; Kaczmarski, Joe A.; Jackson, Colin C.; Cryle, Max J.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (USA) (2019), published online 31.1.19

Kaniusaite, Milda; Peschke, Tailhades, Julien, Marschall, Edward, Vincent; Goode, Robert J. A.; Schittenhelm, Ralf B.;  Cryle, Max J.

Chemical Science (2019), 10, 9466-9482. Selected for the 2019 Chemical Science HOT Article Collection.

Schoppet, Melanie; Peschke, Madeleine; Kirchberg, Anja; Wiebach, Vincent; Süssmuth, Roderich D.; Stegmann, Evi; Cryle, Max J.

Chemical Science (2018), 10, 118-133. Selected for the 2018 Chemical Science HOT Article Collection.

Haslinger K, Peschke M, Brieke C, Maximowitsch E, Cryle MJ.

Nature (2015) 521, 105-109. Recommended as being of special significance by the Faculty of 1000; Highlighted in Nature Chemical Biology.



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