The 2020 EMBL PhD Symposium is virtual and free of charge.

Given the current international travel restrictions for travel from Australia and because the 22nd EMBL PhD Symposium is a free virtual event, EMBL PhD (Heidelberg) Symposium grants will not be offered in 2020.

About the symposium

The symposium is an annual event, organised by first-year PhD students at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg, Germany. It brings together fellow students from around the world for a three-day series of talks by leading experts and by students themselves. It’s an opportunity to make connections with international scientists and get new insight into your own research direction.

The 2020 theme is ‘The Roaring 20s: A New Decade for Life Sciences’. The symposium will depict a broad range of interdisciplinary approaches that bear great potential in explicitly defining and successfully resolving complex biological problems. The program includes networking opportunities, poster sessions and workshops with experts.

Find more information about the symposium and speakers here


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